I am a writer and a mother and I believe this is the most amazing time to be alive and to be hopeful. And I am hopeful. I’ve seen the power of myth and story to bring a community to glowing, joyful life and I’ve seen the power of brave activists to make seemingly impossible change. It is my work and my service to bring the life-changing power of stories to individuals and to causes that I believe in. (And to end sentences with prepositions from time to time. Because.)

I teach workshops that bring the power of myth and ritual to individuals and groups. I am grateful to my teachers and leadership trainers, from Rockwood Leadership Institute to Diana’s Grove Mystery School. I am grateful to the storytellers who show us how to find gold in the shadows and cycles, from Tolkien to T.H. White to my current read: a versed translation of 23 ancient Sumerian tablets by Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Noah Kramer on the myth of Innana. Just watch me geek out on that stuff. I live close to a restored urban creek and I get down there nearly every day, to find the divine in nature and draw strength from the elements.

I brought the power of storytelling to progressive campaign work in 2010, when I was asked to create the Heroes Narrative. I invented the technique that uses the elements of story to increase the power of the people and I wrote or edited most of the narrative's versions one and two. Because my background includes 15 years of working virtually every part of a campaign – from organizing to communications to campaign manager – I knew that the elements of story could serve to unite progressives’ hearts and minds. It has. And more than that, it has helped us begin to stand strong and unyielding on our values, on our willingness to fight for the future. I am now helping to share this work with leaders across the country.

Finally, I believe that transformation must include pleasure. We have a long way to go, it’s got to be fun go the distance. (In the words of Crash Davis, "Fun, Dammit.")