I was that woman

Took a walk on Alki tonight after I was a good little patient and did my new PT exercises and my hip went into it’s happy place and when I was walking with Sunshine, who looks at me often and who walks next to me or I fix it, I noticed how many couples were not like us. I’ve noticed this before.

Have you ever looked around in a restaurant and noticed how many couples include the woman talking and the man looking at anything else besides her?

Have you ever looked around in a park, a boulevard, a sidewalk and noticed how many men walk just a few feet in front of the women who are hustling to keep up with them?

Every time I see this, like tonight when I saw the woman embracing the man with the hostile face as they both looked at the stellar view of downtown Seattle, I want to say: Stop That!! You can do Better!!

Who am I talking to? Both of them. Faking and begging for it both suck. I know, because I’ve had both. I’ve had the relationship where I was always asking for love, and I’ve had the one where I was adored AND adoring.

One was way worse than being alone. WAY worse. The other was heaven for the time I had it.