I Am My Own Pet

I love it when I’m right!

Yes! Yesterday, I was all about taking care of myself and how that makes my animal wake up and want shit and that makes me glossy and I feel terrific.

Still true today. No! Even more true today!

Because one of the wonderful women who is working this myth with me sent me a link to this blog this morning about the science of being good to ourselves and how important it is and there are three tips and tip number two is to treat yourself like you were your own pet.

Boom, Baby. I am my own pet. I am my own pet snowy owl, who blazes out into the night, talons curled but ready as I hunt the darkness with my supernatural senses and wait for my chance to strike.

I think this makes me both Harry Potter and Hedwig, which is a pretty cool trick. For the record, I always felt more like Hermione. Not as cool. But, that same blog also has an entry on how to be cool! Not that I need it. Because I am my own pet owl and it doesn’t get any cooler, or glossier, than that.