Flirting in a Small Town

I heard a Belted Kingfisher tonight, down at the creek; its high chattery call echoed from the emptying maple branches. I looked for the kingfishers all summer, but never saw one.

And, the salmon are back! My neighbor saw one. She said it was small, maybe only a couple of feet long.

The wretched fucking cold (WFC) is beginning to abate. I have almost recovered from the Black Cat Bash relapse. I have been eating soup, taking many thousands of milligrams of vitamin C, wearing kitty themed outfits with abandon.

I have not been wanting to spend money, interestingly. Also eating and drinking less. Also watching less Netflix and writing more. Although right now I don’t really feel like writing because I did eat a giant dinner. A bit of linguine with a giant heap of vegetables. Plus sauce. And cheese. And chopped roasted almonds…

But I went to the library on the way home from the creek tonight, instead of the bookstore. And they had my books! And the super-cute librarian who I have had a crush on for years was there and I flirted with him for the first time and he laughed! And then I just ran away. I blame it on the WFC.  I can’t find my sass. Friend Kimberly says “Well, now you know what you want to do next time, don’t you?”


But I flirted with the hardware store guy, and it didn’t work out, and now I don’t want to go the hardware store anymore. I don’t want to burn the library…It’s funny, because I have said for years that I want to live in a small town, but this is what it’s like to live in a small town right? And I basically do. My neighborhood is off on it’s own little peninsula, close to the big city but isolated by water and a serious bridge.

This feels like a lot of whining. Where is my boldness? Huh?

I blame it on the WFC.