The sound of Halloween getting closer

Down at the creek today, the harvest is happening. Acer has dropped a huge limb. His 23 trunks are both alive and dead: this is how Big Leaf Maples are. They draw matter up out of the earth at a rapid rate, giant leaves, prolific trunks… And then they drop it down onto the ground, leaves and bark and branches that weigh tons, which will decay. These fallen branches will shelter frogs and salamanders and they will make more earth for the coming Springs. They will take the corner off of your house if it gets too close. 

Also the path with scattered with teeny tiny feathers: evidence of a hawk kill, or if not a kill, at least a close call. Death and deaths helpers, silent, except for the brief sound of wood striking earth, of talon closing on flesh. And then nothing. All around. Halloween is coming.