Vaginal Weight Lifting

When I went to the Korean Ladies Spa on Saturday night, a doctor friend of mine told me she was staying up late drinking whisky and smoking and scanning the net and found a piece on Zite about vaginal weight lifting. Sacks on a string. (Of crystals, of course. I find this both awesome and cliched. But if I were going to lift a sack of something with my pussy, I'd want it to be crystals... or water from Mt Rainier. Or dirt from my garden...or crystals...) 

I think so much in this world could be improved by women being unsilenced, unbound, set free from our fucked up cultural boxes. That same doc friend said she sees so much of it in her patients: women who are locked up, resentful. I am paraphrasing. You know that old adage, "Happy wife, happy life"? Take it a step further: Um... "Feminine Unfurled - Better World."

Okay, I had to work pretty hard for that rhyme. And it was still clunky...but the sentiment holds.

So, I just checked out vaginal weight lifting. The Huff Post article was full of gender binaryism and  also 3 out of ten reasons were about "your man", so fuck that. But this one was good. In addition to it's ten reasons, it says:

By inserting a jade egg into the vagina and attaching a string to it, I "lift" any number of things: tropical fruits, gluten-free organic donuts, cold-pressed juices.

There are pictures. Donut, juice, surfboard.

This seems to me to be a very positive thing, doncha think?