The Full Moon and Judgement

This morning I took Forest to pick out a tarot deck for the first time. He chose a beautiful deck of tiny cards with black backgrounds and archetypal pastel drawings and afterward we went and ate ice cream at Molly Moons.

We sat in one of Seattle Parks Department’s little roadside experiments: taking over a parking space with a small walled Astroturf park. It was pretty great actually, with a little sunny hill and tiny swings. We settled on the hill and ate our ice cream. Forest asked me about the Astroturf.

"What is this grass? I can't break it," he said

"No," I answered. "It's called Astroturf. It's made of plastic.”

"I have to cut it with scissors?"

I laughed."Yes. It would be like giving a haircut to someone with very short hair." I said.

"Someone named Earth," Forest said.

When we got home, Forest looked at the pastel insect carrying a skeleton key on the Judgement card. He says "The creepy butterfly has the key to death and he can make you forget all your stuff and only remember your friends." 

Then I went to a full moon ritual with my circle. Dougfire talked about what an Aries sun/ Libra full moon is about. It's nice to have an astrologer in my circle. This moon says that it’s time that I mother my rebel child with beauty and pleasure.


Then Dougfire did a thing where he asked each of us to invoke and talk with our best selves, sort of astral animated body. Mine was not a body. Not even human. It was the Golden tree on the black background from my Equinox ritual. It looks a little like when Forest’s tarot cards, actually. I wonder if it will make me forget all my things, and remember only my friends.