Elemental Check-in

Down at the creek today: five crows swooping low, one by one. The fallen willow branch is rooting in the creek bed. I stood with my feet in a sandbar, cold water rushing over my toes. I called the four directions, one by one, with more intention and attention than I have given them in many weeks. To me, they are the alphabet of magic. They bind together science and witchcraft, and make me whole.

Today, air became the oxygenation of my cells, new beginnings over and over, the carriage of an idea, of movement, through my body.

Fire I called, called, couldn't feel it until I took a breath and shouted through the ravine. FIIIIII-EEEERRRR!! I was self-conscious. I did it anyway. I was out of practice with the elements. I've been working with Deity and story and ignoring my ABC's. The block of those unused pathways wanted risk to topple it. So I yelled until I felt the adrenaline, the surge, the explosion, and linked it  to the first orgasm of the universe, the big bang's expanding waves, and linked those waves to my own passion and pleasure, my own orgasm, my own fierceness to create. 

Water. I have been working with it as tenderness lately, and before that as time. And today, it was the course of evolution, each drop in my body knowing that process, that slow and inexorable feeling of needing and knowing what is needed, of owning change, owning time, owning the direction that life, and my life, will take. Evolving me

Then Earth...

Buy your kid a drum.


Buy your kid a drum. 

Okay. And um...what about, you know, healing my body... And money? And, like a job?

It's coming. But for now...

I know. Okay. "Buy your kid a drum."

Last, Center. (My friend Luckey says I always forget it. Which used to be true! But now... ) Heart like a bonfire. Wisdom of the witches. Honesty makes me strong. That's my foundation. That's the center of the web.