There is magic in a witch's word

This is a day when if I hadn’t made a pact to post, I wouldn’t. I am tired and my dog just came in from the outside with a paw full of dog shit and walked all over my why-did-paint-them-white?-floors right as I was trying to tuck in my son, and then jumped up onto the bed with us and I wasn’t in the mood for it to begin with, as evinced by the fact that earlier when I was running the Wednesday night D&D game and the two nine year old boys were driving me crazy, the one interrupting me again and again and the other saying “Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom” until I stood up with my eyes aflame and spread my arms wide like dragon wings and declared “Children! Silence! And listen closely now to the words of the DM: You will cease to interrupt me. You will wait - Wait! Patiently!- f I do not answer you, until I finish what ever I am doing! Or, heed me! Rocks will begin to fall upon your heads and drain hit points from your characters!”

At which point my kid burst into tears and said that he was trying to ask me if I wanted him to clear my dishes. Like a dagger in my heart.

But no! Still, I do not need to have my name hurled upon my ears like so many enchanted spears upon the hide of a furious fucking mother dragon who now has to go home and convince the dog to get into the goddamn bathtub and wipe down the why-did-I-paint-them-white?-floors and then wash her hands and take a fucking breath and post because she said she would and there is magic in a witch’s word if she keeps it true.