Wait a Minute

I AM a top predator. I mean, second of all, Planet Earth II says so in it's "Cities, episode. And if David Attenborough's supple voice says so, it must be true.

But first of all, I  suddenly thought that yesterday, as I reviewed all  the work that I am doing to maintain this elite territory. Spending another weekend doing laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking and realizing that this is not unusual. This is the price of the order. I do not mean to complain... although I do wish that I could be the kind of top predator whose laundry entailed having her fur licked. But that's neither her nor there! The point is, I was looking at the hours I spend maintaining my territory and suddenly flashed to one of the women in the workshop, who returned from her trance to her ally with the message: "Are you sure you want to be a predator? It's a lot of work."