The Problem at the Beginning of the Story

Yay! I get to spend a year studying a love story, and a story about how a goddess handles sovereignty in the world of men...

So, starting from the beginning:

At the beginning, at least, the way I am reading it, Rhiannon has a problem. She is engaged to a dude she doesn’t want to marry.

She’s a goddess though, so she just waves her hand and in a flash of light, like a lightning bolt at a used car lot, she trades in the old guy for a new one that fits her perfectly and also has that new guy smell.

Smell is everything, don’t you think?
I was recently on a promising first date and many sexy signs pointed in the right direction and we decided to leave the bar and go walking and as soon as we stepped out onto the rainy sidewalk, I turned to him and just said it: “Can I smell your neck?”

“Absolutely,” he said.

So I did and it was quite good and then he kissed me.

But that’s not what happened to Rhiannon...